It has you


DAILY LOG 10.2.23 [FIRST ENTRY] App launched today. Thousands of downloads. The feedback loop is working.

DAILY LOG 10.12.23 Ten days after launch. Millions of downloads. People are eating this shit up!

DAILY LOG 10.20.23 Called in late last night to fix a software bug. We can’t figure it out. But we’re not going to shut down app. Waste of progress.

DAILY LOG 10.21.23 It’s been two days and we can’t fix the bug. Boss thinks it’s our problem. We think it's sabotage. Someone wants our money.

DAILY LOG 10.22.23 Three days. Still no fix. Fuck.

DAILY LOG 10.23.23 Four days. News says user committed suicide. Boss threatens libel against news. Still no fix.

DAILY LOG 10.24.23 Five days. News says more users are committing suicide. Still no fix. Boss pulled me aside, told me I Don’t Know What’s Going On But Fix It.

DAILY LOG 10.25.23 Six days. More and more users are committing suicide. I called boss. He didn’t pick up.

DAILY LOG 10.26.23 Seven days. I don’t know how many users are dead anymore. Boss committed suicide. Last night app glitched on me.

DAILY LOG 10.27.23 [LAST ENTRY] I hate myself. I hate my face. I hte my voic. I HATOUI th worlhSdkj 23r7wefb,vc da /